Dr. Jason Young Offers CEUs for Chiropractic Assistant Re certification in the state of Oregon

You need to get trained to become a Chiropractic Assistant FAST

Do you want to maximize your value to the chiropractic clinic where you work from the comfort of your own computer?


Take Your Training Online, Right Now, For Free.

Learn More: Watch This Video From Dr Jason Young.

Beat the Hidden Cost of Becoming a Chiropractic Assistant

Every year, people seeking Chiropractic Assistants spend thousands on travel and lodging to gain initial training. This is on top of the cost for training courses and registration with the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Learn at Your Own Pace & Bring Value to Your Clinic

Avoid Costly Travel Expenses and maximize your clinical value in under 24 hours.

# of Certified Chiropractic Assistants in Oregon

Percent growth in Chiropractic Assistant field in Oregon since 2017

Cost of an in-person Chiropractic Assistant training program

Average total cost of training, registration, travel, etc for a live course

This training is valid for initial Chiropractic Assistant Certification or CA Renewal in the state of Oregon.

To get immediate access to the training, which includes a certificate of completion that is automatically emailed to you upon completion of the course, enter your details in the form below and click "submit" You'll be taken to a secure checkout page and upon successful payment you will get immediate access to the course materials, which you can view from any computer or tablet. Lets get Started!

Sign Up, Take the Training FOR FREE and Only Pay if You Like It and Need a CEU Certificate!

Take my entire Chiropractic Assistant Training FOR FREE. If you like the training and want to get credit for the CEUs, Pay a $99 one-time charge when you are done, if for whatever reason you don't want to claim credit for your CEUs or if you didn't like the course, you pay nothing. There's not even a place for you TO pay until you have completed the course and decide it is for you. Truly, no credit card required.

Sign up via the form below and you'll be granted instant access to the ENTIRE course - for free.

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